LE labs

Lysander Edison Laboratories is a scientific research and development facility that was brought into Comicshortisa by an accident that occurred during a teleportation experiment.

Robotics and AIEdit

L.E. Labs specializes in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, having produced 41 lines of robots of varying purposes prior to the accident. These robots were designed for tasks ranging from waste removal to large-scale construction to assisting scientists with research.

Robots developed by L.E. Labs are known by their number following the LE designation. For instance, the LE-37 line was the 37th to be produced.

Prototype models are identified by taking the first letter of the lead developer's last name followed by whichever number prototype it is that they've designed. For instance, a hypothetical scientist named Dr. Green's fourth prototype would be named LE-G4 (Lysander Edison- Green Prototype 4) until it is deemed fit for mass production at which point it will receive its official number.

Artificial Intelligence Classification LevelsEdit


Theoretical. 100% emulation of a human brain. No robots with Class H intelligence currently exist. Creating one is the ultimate goal of the LE Labs robotics division.

0 Currently the closest to human brain fuctionality as technological possible. Robots with Class 0 intelligence are capable of advanced decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking.
1 High intelligence. Capable of rational decision making. Still required to follow orders as closely possible, but allowed a fair amount of deviation. LE-37 units have Class 1 intelligence to allow for improvisation during critical repair sequences.
2 Average intelligence. The robot is required to follow orders to the letter with a much lower capacity for deviation. Minimal problem solving skills. Class 2 robots are the most commoly produced.
3 Mindless drone. The robot obeys orders exactly as given with no deviation whatsover barring malfunction. Shuts down when given impossible or conflicting orders.
4 Equipment. Entirely non-functional without constant and direct human input. Currently, only the LE-9 Physical Amplification Suit bears this rank due to its use of the LE-series basic body structure, but lack of built-in AI.


The prototype LE-K0 was intended to have Class 0 intelligence, and was unexpectedly successful, achieving a Human Brain Emulation percentage of 78. The previous most intelligent robot functioned at approximately 32% and the LE-K0 was predicted to go no higher than 40-45%.

LE Labs staff were in the process of deciding if such an intelligent robot should (or even could) be mass produced. The decision was made for them when the prototype was lost during the teleportation accident that brought the lab to Comicshortsia, and the resulting electormagnetic disturbances erased all copies of the blueprints. The current whereabouts of LE-K0 are unknown to Lysander Edison staff.

The AccidentEdit

While most renowned for their robotics work, Lysander Edison Laboratories has many other divisions within its main facility. One of these was devoted to unlocking the secrets of teleportation. This objective was easily accomplished within a few years, though while the teleporter produced was indeed functional, it only worked over a very short range (approximately 2-3 miles), and used far too much energy doing so to be an efficient method of transportation.

During an attempt to increase the distance the teleporter could work over, a massive explosion rocked the facility. Emergency crew entered the teleportation lab to find it missing, and that the whole building was now in the middle of a massive grass field instead of the rocky, mountainous area where it originally resided.

The scientists of Lysander Edison eventually made contact with the inhabitants of their new location and continue their scientific work as if the accident never happened. In this universe, though, long-range teleportation- as well as many of LE's other ongoing endeavors- had already been perfected. LE Labs now works almost exclusively on developing new robots and AI.