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Nexus Innovators is a scientific research and development facility similar to Lysander Edison Laboratories, though they have less specialization in robotics and have existed within Comicshortsia for a longer period of time. The origins of how they came to this universe is unkown.

Robotics divisionEdit

Though it is not their specialization N.l. produces the most common and widely used series of robot models across the universe. Their AI and robot development overall is nothing compared to L.E. Labs though.

The N1J4 seriesEdit

Easily the most common robot model you will ever see in Comicshortsia, the N1J4 is found on almost every known planet across the universe, even those that are outside of the Universal Government's infulence. The N1J4 is a highly adaptive robot with different specialized models depending on the job it is needed for. There are models designed for both civilian and govenment use, including military and police class models.


Concept sketch of a basic N1J4-G1D3 model

Model Description
G1D3 A basic model with no special equipment. The G1D3 is probably the most commonly seen out of all the N1J4 models. Its main function is to serve as a guide to any residents of Comicshortsia who happen to come across it. As a guide, it "knows" a ton of general information and has semi-advanced AI so one can more casually ask about information.
DC7R A medical unit with advanced AI developed with cooperation from L.E. Labs for better injury assessment. They are found in every hospital on every planet. Though it used to be risky to trust a DC7R with your injuries you no longer need to worry much about coming out more hurt. The number of "accidents" caused by DC7Rs has drastically decreased ever since L.E. Labs improved their AI.
50RD A military/police class model equipped with a sword and shield. Usually used to deter unarmed offenders of the law or those using "primitive" weaponry though they are also used
GUNR Another military/police model the GUNR is equipped with machine guns on both sides of its body. The GUNR is used in a more suppressive manner then the 50RD models, it is used on rowdier, more violent individuals or those with more advanced weaponry. Also commonly used as foot soldiers for war.
CN0N A military model with large cannons on its back. CN0Ns are usually used during war time to take out heavy support vehicles or large groups of foot soldiers. They are essentially the walking artilery of the army.
5NPR Military class model equipped with long ranged weaponry like sniper rifles. These models are used for assassinations and long range support during war.
5HLD 5HLD models are equipped with powerful shield generators. One can generate a field of protection ten feet in diameter. They are used as body guards for important officials, ways of protecting civilians when under attack, and as a defensive option for the army. Usually a squad of military class N1J4 has at least one 5HLD to protect themselves.
FL4M The FL4M is equipped with a flamethrower or torch. Comes in two variants: Civilian class models have smaller torches. Most of these are used to make camp fires or for similarly menial tasks. Military class models have massive flamethrowers capable of burning you, your house, and your dead relative's ghost.
GRRN Digging model equipped with large drills. They are usually used to help out government funded mining operations though civilian use of them is not uncommon either.

Other divisions/projects N.I. is involved inEdit

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