The Singularity Cannon is an enormous space station and former superweapon currently serving as headquarters for the Universal Government of Comicshortsia.


History Edit

The Cannon was originally designed and constructed by a mad scientist with dreams of galactic conquest. By combining the energy collected from four stars, the weapon was able to create extremely dense black holes and redirect their gravitational force into a beam of incredibly destructive power. Any and all matter caught in the beam's path would be broken down into its base components and devoured by the black hole.

The scientist's plans were ultimately foiled by a small team of young heroes who sabotaged key mechanisms within the station, causing the weapon to backfire and tear open a wormhole into which the entire structure was pulled. The would-be conqueror was never heard from again in that universe.

Arrival in Comicshortsia Edit

At the time of the Cannon's appearance in Comicshortsia, the Universal Government had yet to be fully established. The logistics of such a large governing body over an entire universe were still being worked on, but the Cannon did solve a great number of problems by simply existing.

Upon arriving, the mad scientist immediately set about repairing the damaged systems that caused the misfire. He had scarcely finished before being apprehended, and the station's existence was reported to the fledgling government.

It was immediately recognized for the potential danger it presented, and so control of the weapon could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Being capable of such destructive power was already enough cause for alarm, but the nature of its primary weapon caused greater concern for the stability of Comicshortsia's already weak fabric of reality. Used recklessly, the Singularity Cannon could potentially tear the Universe apart at the seams.

In order to keep close watch of the unwelcome arrival, it was decided that the station should become the primary seat of power for the Universal Government of Comicshortsia. The Cannon's primary firing mechanism was disassembled into several pieces, each of which is now held by the highest Council leaders. In the event that the risks of using the Singularity Cannon are outweighed by the benefits of swift and decisive elimination of a universal or multiversal threat, the mechanism may be reassembled to allow firing of the cannon only by complete unanimous decision of the key holders.

Since being re-purposed, much of the Singularity Cannon's ample surface area has found use as residential space. The station itself has effectively become a mobile city, with the majority of its residents gradually forgetting- or never knowing to begin with- the cataclysmic destruction their home is capable of.