Tailii scr

Tailii as she appears in Comic Shorts: Reproduction.

Tailii Raisa is a human female, 22 years of age. Strong and quite athletic, she made her living as a thief in her home universe prior to being transported to Comicshortsia.

Home WorldEdit

Tailii’s home universe was a land of heavy magic use and Middle Age architecture and social structure. Shortly before Tailii’s disappearance, a worldwide war had recently been brought to an end thanks to the creation of powerful, monstrous creatures referred to as “demons.” The original 13 demons were were created to strike fear into the leaders of the many kingdoms and unite them against a common enemy, thus ending the decades-long war. Over time, the 13 went into hiding and peace slowly returned to the land as they watched over it in secret.

Arrival in ComicshortsiaEdit

One of the 13, a Shadow demon named Dolzak recruited Tailii to steal components for a portal he was constructing to allegedly allow the 13 (and all other subsequently created demons) to enter another realm where they could rule themselves now that the war was over. Tailii agreed to the job after learning the true history of the demons and their original purpose, and helped build the portal only to be taken by surprise when Dolzak activated it and revealed its actual function: not to send the existing demons out, but to bring an army of new ones in to conquer the world!

Acting quickly, Tailii was able to shatter the crystal she had stolen that powered the device. The sudden upset in the delicate machinery caused the portal to begin closing violently and Tailii was pulled into it. The portal collapsed, severing the connection before she was pulled all the way into the demonic world beyond, and so she drifted unconscious through the multiverse before arriving in Comicshortsia.